The Synergy of Nature and Technology

Catawater is a one-of-a-kind organic catalyst

Our biocatalyst enhances what nature creates with non-toxic impacts to the environment.

Catawater stimulates natural biological microorganisms to accelerate reaction rates in soil remediation and water recycling. Best of all, it’s environmentally safe for air, soil and waters.


The Synergy of Nature and Technology

In our world, right now, exists a proprietary organic technology that is as safe, versatile, and ubiquitous as water. 

This technology, because it is organic, is available at a significantly lower cost than traditional technologies.

It is being used to clean up our environment and convert specific industries into safer, healthier operations that can co-exist harmlessly within the environment.

This same technology is also being used to produce more abundant and healthier food sources for the betterment of mankind.

If you would like to see how this fascinating new technology is making our world a more sustainable environment, click the link below.

We Help Make Nature Work for You

Oil & Gas

Works synergistically with environmental elements to dramatically accelerate natural processes.


Works seamlessly with environmental elements to dramatically accelerate natural processes.


Processes accelerated include nitrogen fixation and biomass decomposition, mineral and other nutrient uptake.

Now a Global Phenomenon

A New Innovative Approach To Organic Solution Management

Because Catawater is an organic nano-technology, the cost to manufacture it is much less than conventional products, which translates into cost savings to you. As there is no shelf life on this product, there’s no loss due to waste. And most conveniently, there are no special requirements for adaption. It is simply injected like any other natural element.

Invented over 40 years ago by an organic chemist

Catawater is widely used for the oil & gas, wastewater and agriculture industries.

The first derivative was sold locally in small quantities primarily for agriculture use. In 2004, the current owner purchased the rights and IP for the product, spending years discovering and testing additional uses. Now a global phenomenon, Catawater is widely used for the oil & gas, wastewater, and agriculture industries.

Oil & Gas Solutions

These bio-catalytic processes have proven effective in numerous field studies for a wide range of applications, representing major cost reductions and lowering the environmental impact of the oil & gas industry. Some benefits include reducing the carbon footprint of oil sands production, generating carbon credits, mitigating tailings residues and remediating tailings pollution and reducing greenhouses gases.

Oil & gas solid waste facilities which practice landfill and/or land farming operations may benefit by utilizing Catawater to possibly eliminate the use of mechanical processes. Operating costs can be reduced by as much as 60% depending on the unique design and SOP’s of each respective operation.

Catawater works synergistically with environmental elements to dramatically accelerate natural processes.

Applications and Uses
Uses for Production and Drilling Fluids
Uses for SWD’s and Produced Water
  • Ionically extracts bitumen at significantly increased levels from oil sands using a “no heat” process
  • Remediates tailing ponds to recover oil and water
  • Removes hydrogen sulfide from oil and gas streams
  • Well stimulation
  • NORM reduction and elimination
  • Remediates surface soil contaminated with salt, oil spills, and other contaminants
  • Produced water recycling
  • Increases production via Enhanced Enzyme Oil Recovery method
  • Heavy oil treatment for increased viscosity and pipeline flow
  • Eliminates H2S from petroleum oil and gas streams (can be implemented in scrubbers)
  • Less than 1% retention on OBM cuttings
  • Drill cuttings are rendered inert
  • And more
  • Saltwater disposal well treatment
  • Minimize or eliminate the use of inorganic chemicals
  • Reduces injection pressure
  • Higher quality skim oil
  • Complete separation of solids, water and oil
  • And more

Wastewater Solutions

Catawater works seamlessly with environmental elements to dramatically accelerate natural biological processes. The net effect of this acceleration ultimately results in the optimization of midstream water quality which translates into operational cost savings, capital deferment, reduced power consumption, asset sustainability, plant efficiency, and overall “cleaner” easily managed operations. 

Our customers experience amazing results without the addition of large footprint mechanical solutions which add costs. Catawater is simply introduced into the waste stream or process water’s existing infrastructure and operation like any other organic element so there are no required retrofits.

Substantial short and long term savings of up to 50-70% are awaiting your operation as well. Contact us to talk about it!

Industrial Wastewater Solutions

Industrial Water Categories
Industrial Water Benefits
  • Paper pulp mills
  • Steel mills
  • Food processing and packaging operations
  • Removal of heavy metals
  • TSS reduction
  • Turbidity reduction
  • Hydrocarbon recovery or elimination
  • Scale removal
  • Water temperature reduction
  • Odor elimination
  • Methane recovery
  • Bacterial control
  • Replaces expensive conventional chemistry
  • Accelerated biodegradation of food process wastes
  • H2S removal
  • Increases process efficiencies
  • Lowers operating costs
  • No environmental barriers

Municipal Wastewater Solutions

Municipal Applications
  • Rapid increase in Dissolved Oxygen
  • Energy savings from reduced aeration needs
  • Reduces and eliminates Hydrogen Sulfide, Ammonia, and Nitrates
  • Positive effect on filamentous bacteria and algae
  • Reduces sludge production and handling
  • Improves plant stability
  • Pre-treats influent in collection systems
  • Increases plant capacity
  • Reduces usage of chemical additives
  • 100% Safe and non-toxic.

Agriculture Solutions

Processes accelerated by Catawater include nitrogen fixation and biomass decomposition, mineral and other nutrient uptake, oxidation, pH neutralization, and other natural processes that maintain environmental equilibrium.

Soil Agriculture Uses
Animal Agriculture Uses
  • Reduce soil compaction from overuse of chemical fertilizers
  • Balance the pH of soil
  • Breakdown salts, fertilizer, and insecticide and herbicide residues
  • Stimulate healthy root formation to increase foliage and blossoms on plants
  • Increase the speed of decomposition of organics residue in the soil
  • Increase plant absorption of water, minerals, and fertilizers added to the soil
  • Increase the germination rate of seeds
  • Increase animal weight gain and decrease death loss
  • Treat holding facilities to eliminate odors and flies
  • Treat waste lagoons to generate methane gas for on-site use
  • Treat waste lagoons to eliminate hydrogen sulfide odor
  • Treat waste lagoons to eliminate solid waste build-up
Catawater provides a new innovative approach to organic solution management.

The Synergy of Nature and Technology

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I was introduced to Catawater® technology over five years and within the first year, our company’s lease operating expenses for spills and remediation were reduced by 80%. It eliminated haul-off costs for produced water and oil releases. In addition, we utilized Catawater for pit and produce water remediation. Application is simple! During this crucial time of low commodity prices, Catawater® will help the bottom-line of any company’s operating costs. “Analytical numbers don’t lie.” Try it for yourself and find out!

Rodney Malone
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